Registration for the 2021-22 season is now open.

SPECIAL NOTICE: USA Hockey is allowing both "in person" and "electronic" seminars. Please carefully review the seminar description to verify the type of seminar you want to attend.

Go to the USA Hockey Registration Page and look for the Register Now button to complete your officiating application. You need to complete your registration with USA Hockey before you can register for a seminar.

Here are a few helpful hints as you complete the registration process:

  1. See the USA Hockey Seminars Page and check to see that there is a seminar in your area before you complete your registration.
  2. Follow the instructions regarding the open book exam.
  3. If you are having trouble with the USA Hockey system, you must contact USA Hockey.

USA Hockey has created an online seminar curriculum that is specific to each level that every official is required to complete. This online seminar curriculum will replace a portion of your normal classroom seminar. The online seminar can be completed at your leisure once you have submitted your USA Hockey registration.

Any official with a birth year of 2004 or earlier will be required to complete SafeSport Education. Be sure to follow the instructions through the USA Hockey link and complete this requirement as part of the registration process.

Any Officials who has reached the age of 18, must complete an USA Hockey Background check as part of the USA Hockey certification process.

Questions regarding classroom seminars? Contact Alaska Local Supervisor Joe Barth or Alaska District Referee In Chief Joshua Ellis.